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Thank You For Choosing Builder’s Academy, Inc.

The first step is for you to go to

and use the link by the log-in on that page to create an account for yourself. We ask you to this because this keeps your information (Security questions and Passwords) confidential.

NOTE: For security reasons you MUST take your course on the same device used to register.

When you create your profile, type your name as it appears on your existing license, or how you want it to appear when your license is issued. You will also enter any license number you already have in the correct spaces. If you do not have a particular current license number, fill in the space with NA and submit.

You will receive a registration confirmation E-mail.

You must respond to the registration E-Mail to access your course.

If you do not get the email, call and we will confirm manually.

We will then activate your course.

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